About us



“Unique cuisine, classy drinks, elegant space, exquisite staff are all the things THE GATE will bring to you when walking through this gate”



Located in the bustling Thao Dien, The Gate opens up a new world with a luxurious, warm, neoclassical style design, melodious music and subtle wine scent.

The lounge is divided into 2 main areas: indoor and outdoor to vary your choice. The outdoor area is covered with green trees, creating the feeling of being lost in a greenery garden right in the heart of Saigon. Open space, suitable for those who love nature and want to enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

The indoor area with the bar is impressed by dark brown tones, brick walls and wine racks combined with a light system that makes the bar space become cosy, somewhat mysterious and “addictive” once stepping the first step in.

Visit the Gate for romantic dating evenings, cosy meetings with partners or colleagues, family gatherings or intimate parties. We not only serve you with delicious cuisine but also with melodious live music, which definitely make your experience more perfect than ever. over.

Besides the “addictive” space, the Gate also has an appealing menu and various wine list. And if you are not a wine connoisseur, you can try The Gate’s wheat-scented craft beers. The Gate not only focuses on the taste but also the decoration, whether a simple appetizer or a luxurious delicacy main course will be beautifully presented as an “artwork” that you can’t take my eyes off.

Dropping by The Gate, trying exquisite cuisines, accompanied by a glass of wine, and feeling as walking through a European country. Put aside all the stressful work, reward yourself with the most relaxing moments and let your mind free into the spacious space of The Gate!